More captivating than a Venus Fly Trap, more melodious
than a little yellow canary and able to silence a room with
a single strum. Turin Robinson aka Mossy Fogg translates
his red centre roots into an emotional and charismatic
presence on stage.
A smooth word twister his genre can be described as
folksy, hip hop, rock & roll, rhythm & blues acoustic action,
with his voice swinging through a spectrum of Jeff
Buckley-ish to Tom Waits-ish on demand.
Playing live music to audiences for over almost two
decades, he boasts an impressive collection of originals
and a great variety of covers that he truly makes his own.
Turin has spread his musical loving all around the place
as a lone wolf, collaborating as much as he can as well as
fronting various bands.
Notable performances include supporting Glenn Shorack,
Wendy Matthews, Eskimo Joe and Mental As Anything.
But when all is said and done, Turin is perhaps best
known for the role as instigator and facilitator of Open Mic
nights and Jam Sessions around town and country.
From humble beginnings way before years started in ‘20’,
Mossy Fogg has been using his siren song to pull
unsuspecting musicians and the musically minded away
from the mundane and into the crook of his acoustic arm.